Monday, March 10, 2008

Lori's Choice Part 20

Not for younger readers. The subject of Lori's Choice should be screened by parents before minors read it.

Caleb got a call one late spring evening. “Caleb, darling,” Lori said placidly, “the baby is coming. You want to meet us at the hospital?”

Caleb let out a whoop and jumped to the ceiling. His dad and mom rolled their eyes at their normally quiet son, gathering their things to go with him. Ryan was at a youth group outing, so they left him a note telling him where they went, and to call Michael.

At the hospital in the city, Caleb went in with Lori for a little while before the labor got too strong. He talked her through several contractions, promising to be in the waiting room praying through all the rest. Ryan arrived unexpectedly at the hospital about midnight. “I’m gonna be an uncle. You think I’d miss this?” he grinned. Caleb clapped his brother on the back and continued pacing.
At about three, as is the uncanny habit of newborns, Lori’s baby entered the world. Caleb came in a few minutes later, after the room was cleaned up a little. Lori held the little girl in her arms, smiling proudly at her beloved. Catching the doctor’s attention, she told him, “Her name is Anna Grace… Donnigan.” Her smile was tired.

Caleb bent to kiss her forehead. “Sure?” he asked.

"I decided that a long time ago,” she whispered.

Anna cried. Lori handed her gently into Caleb’s arms. He’d been getting lessons from his mom to prepare for this. Before the nurse took Anna to complete the post-natal regimen, he rocked her skillfully.

“I think she’ll have spirit, Caleb,” Lori said.

“She looks like you,” Caleb observed.

“I’m glad.”

Mom cried. Tess held her and cried too. Dad and Mr. Donnigan stood just inside, forced to move closer towards the weary mother each time a doctor or nurse came through. The grandfathers looked tired, but reluctant to leave. All of them had already invested so much love in this little infant. It didn’t matter anymore where she came from.


At the baby shower Anna got lavished with more baby things than one little girl could ever need. Lori wrote out her thank-you’s right away. She cried a lot after the first week, due to some temporary frustrations over being a single mother coupling with her rapidly fluctuating hormonal emotions.

To God be all glory.


åslaug said...

I'm delighted!
I've been waiting for this!
You do it great, Lisa, God bless you =)
Happy Easter!
Soli Deo Gloria

Lisa of Longbourn said...

Yes, and I'm sorry you had to wait so long!!

I've been thinking about you, hoping you are well.

Happy Easter!
To God be all glory,
Lisa of Longbourn