Saturday, June 14, 2008

Lori's Choice Part 21

Not for younger readers. The subject of Lori's Choice should be screened by parents before minors read it.

Circumstances necessitated the delay in purchasing a wedding dress. Mrs. May promised to devote herself to its construction as soon as they thought she was close enough in size to be fitted. Pastor Greg would perform the ceremony. They had persuaded him to do it even though as a children’s pastor it wasn’t usually his job. The senior pastor did do the premarital counseling, and persuaded them to let him do part of the ceremony as well.

Caleb was less and less able to meet with Lori for outings and planning. The ranch was at a busy time of year. So busy, in fact, that Caleb had asked Lori for permission to hold off on a honeymoon for several months. She missed him, but still agreed readily, recognizing God’s providence in working everything out perfectly. This way Anna would be old enough that she could stay with grandma (either one or both) while they went off to have fun.

For a week or so, Lori went through a time of insecurity whether this was the right thing. Tess attributed it to the fact that she was not spending a lot of time with Caleb, whose confidence Lori always seemed to rely on. One night he called her, having been informed by his mom that Lori needed to talk. “I’ve missed you. Are you doing ok?” he began.

“Fine. Just a little nervous. I feel like everything is new, but I keep thinking I shouldn’t feel that way. I mean, I have loved you a long time, and I am a mom already. But it’s so different. And getting married, that’s new.”

“That sounds normal. You’ve no idea how amateur I feel. You’re not too nervous that you think we should delay?” Caleb worried for a second that his bride would back out. Maybe he should have married her sooner.

“No, not that.” Lori was feeding Anna as she propped the phone on her ear. Caleb smiled at the sound of his baby eating while neither of them were talking. “I just needed to hear your voice, I guess. Anna misses you, too.”

“Impossible,” Caleb argued.

“You should see her, honestly, Caleb!” Lori laughed. “They say babies can’t really smile this young, but ‘they’ lie. She even looks sad when you’re gone.”

“You’re just sad when I’m gone,” Caleb told her.

“Fine. I can’t prove it to you. If you won’t believe me, there’s nothing I can do.” “You want to come over for lemonade tomorrow?” Caleb invited.

“Love to. I’ll even leave Anna with Mom, ok?”

“You don’t think she’ll miss me too much?”

“Maybe. She might be too distracted missing me.” Lori was quiet for a while. When Caleb didn’t say anything, she commented, “Oh, I have so much to do, but I don’t care. I need a break. Will you be working?”

“On and off. You can watch,” Caleb encouraged.

“Ok. You know, there was a time when I thought the farmer’s wife life was tops. Now I’m not so sure.”

“That was in autumn, right after harvest, wasn’t it?”

“I suppose.” Lori adjusted the phone so she could cradle her sleeping daughter in the other arm.

“Caleb, Anna’s asleep. I need to put her down. Is it ok if I go?”

“Love you, Lori.”

“I love you,” she said.

To God be all glory.

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